Moga Certification

Welcome to the Moga Movement Mentor Curriculum

-200 hr Moga Certification-

Basic -Pose and Positions- (Zero to Hero pre-requisite)

-Flow Design-

*Working with Injuries and Unique Cases*

*Adjustments & Modifications*

Education on Vinyasa Yoga, Slow Flow, Yin, and Hatha Yoga

-Dosha's- yoga for different body types-

-Movement with Mindfulness & Meditation*

-Energetic System-

-Spirit Body Connection-

-Traditional Yoga Theory VS Moga Movement Theory-

-Ayurvedic Eating

-Identity and Mind Coaching-

Additional Training Options:

*Advanced Hero Course*

*Online Course Development*

*Wellness Coaching Course*

*My Pain 2 Power Course*

*Master My Metabolism*

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